Angel Dear baby toddler kids collection-Ever Simplicity

Angel Dear creates classic baby clothing and accessories with a modern sensibility and attention to special details. The collections are sophisticated without being serious. Angel Dear believes baby's first months and years are a time to luxuriate in the joys of childhood, and they design their products from that perspective.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, from their classic blankie to the fine apparel, every Angel Dear product upholds their commitment to beautiful quality, lasting value, and affordability. Exceptional softness is the cornerstone of the Angel Dear brand.

Baby's comfort is the underlying principle behind every design. Styling is simple but far from basic, in a spirit of modern luxury. Enduring and classic, Angel Dear creations are special enough to be passed along to the next generation.

For your own baby and whenever you are choosing a gift, you'll find consistent quality, sophisticated design, and the ultimate in softness.

Angle Dear baby clothes-Ever SimplicityAngle Dear baby toddler clothes-Ever Simplicity

Angle Dear toddler kids clothes-Ever Simplicity

Angle Dear Essential Baby Hoodie clothes-Ever Simplicity

Angle Dear Basic Baby Hoodie clothes-Ever Simplicity

Angel Dear baby Bear Hoodie-Ever Simplicity

Angel Dear baby Bear Hoodie Jacket-Ever Simplicity

Angel Dear baby Girl Bear Hoodie Jacket-Ever SimplicityAngel Dear baby Holiday Hoodie Poncho-Ever Simplicity




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