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Oli Carol Baby Kids Toys-Ever Simplicity
Oli Carol baby kids toy-Ever Simplicity

 • Made with 100% Natural Rubber  from Hevea Trees.

• Hand painted  with food graded dyes.

• Biodegradable  and environmentally friendly.

• Used as teethers , bath toys , decorative objects  and more!

Oli Carol baby toys-Ever Simplicity

• Flexible and soft , easy to grasp, squeezable and safe to chew.

• Stimulates the baby’s senses  and soothes teething gums.

• Highly hygenic, mold free.  All of the designs do not have a hole on

the bottom which means that water doesn’t go inside, avoiding the creation of bacteria and mold.

Oli Carol baby kids car toy-Ever Simplicity

 • Completely safe for kids. Certified eco-friendly and non-toxic toy by Bureau Veritas.

• BPA , PVC Phthalate  and Nitrosamine free.

• Social collaboration : We provide schooling to Indian kids in the School Baba Jodh Sachiyar in the north of India.

Apart from receiving the basic need of education, we are opening them the doors to the future.

Oli Carol natural toys-Ever Simplicity

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