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Ragtales was created in 2011 by two friends whose aim it was to introduce a collection of soft toys and ragbooks that are evocative of the rich visual heritage of British literature.

Every one of the characters starts life as a sketch, drawing inspiration from the quirky, whimsical stories that are part of our childhood. Those sketches are then brought to life and handmade into samples, sourcing the right fabrics for tactile and emotional learning is crucial to the transformation of each character from sketch to first sample.

Ragtales use a variety of textiles – the softest velours, the chunkiest knits, the prettiest florals, that when all carefully combined give the beautiful and quirky characters a unique personality.

All the members of the Ragtales family have a story to tell, and their illustrative portraits appear on the packaging, whether they are presented in a beautiful high quality box, an embroidered bag, or with a simple hangtag.

Ragtales Baby rabbit bunny rattles-Ever SimplicityRagtales Baby girl rabbit bunny doll set-Ever SimplicityRagtales Baby boy rabbit rattle-Ever Simplicity

Ragtales Baby boy rabbit bunny blankie set-Ever Simplicity


Ragtales Baby Boy Alfie plush doll toys-Ever SimplicityRagtales Baby Lamb Dylan Dylis plush doll toys-Ever Simplicity

Ragtales Baby Lamb Dylan Dylis plush doll toys-Ever SimplicityRagtales Baby Alfie Fifi Rabbit Bunny plush doll toys-Ever SimplicityRagtales Alfie Fifi Rabbit Bunny Dolls-Ever SimplicityRagtales Baby teddy bear rabbit doll-Ever SimplicityRagtales Baby Teddy Bear Rabbit plush doll toys-Ever Simplicity





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