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kooky kids wooden toys - Ever Simplicity

 The concept behind Kukkia, meaning 'to bloom' or 'flowers' in Finish and 'kook', which means stem in Japanese, is to be a channel between your child and the World. Just as a strong stem is the carrier for all the life from the roots to the flower. Kick can help you and your child blossom! They want kids to get involved with their toys and use their wonderful imaginations to create, change an re-invent how to play - there are no limits!

Kukkia Kids Wooden Toys-Ever Simplicity

Their concept is to have tactile shapes that are both subtly and vividly colored, that kids can play with, invent with, and use their amazing imaginations to create and express themselves with.

They have to collections. The first, gg*, has subtle, soft muted colors that show the natural grain of the wood. Most items are finished with bees' wax and come in their own cotton eco-bag.

Kukkia Kids Wooden Toys-Ever Simplicity

They launched the second brand: kiko+ in 2011 at Maison & Object show in Paris. Kiko+ is a collection using funky, vivid colors on often matt and unvarnished surfaces so children can feel the wonderful texture of the wood.

Their wish is to give big smiles to kids and their families all over the world. The deal with Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) products for big name companies such as Muji Japan.

kukkia stars toys-Ever Simplicity

about safety

kiko+ & gg* consider kids’ safety very important and have the CE safety mark for all of our toys.

kiko+ & gg* use European beech wood and with long standing, well-established relations with our factories in Asia, we are committed to high standards and a premium quality finish for all of our products.

All of our items strictly conform to European and International safety standards. They come with the CE mark and have past the CE EN71 and ASTM safety tests.



kiko+ & gg* are concerned about finite sources and the environment.
We love nature and use FSC approved, responsibly sourced wood which comes from renewable resources where trees are only used as there are replanted and replaced.





kiko+ & gg*


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