Soyoung bag logoAbout SoYoung
SoYoung offers a line of highly functional products with urban appeal for the modern
family, including diaper bags, backpacks, lunch boxes, cooler bags and accessories.
With a clean design and ultra functionality, SoYoung’s products strive to add beauty to
the everyday moments of life with children.

 Soyoung bags for kids

SoYoung designs eco-conscious bags and accessories for modern, on-the-go families from its studio in Toronto, Canada. Its mission is to create quality products that delight, inspire and enhance the lives of our customers by elevating the design of everyday items.


The company was founded in 2006 by Catherine Choi, around a diaper bag concept as she searched in vain for something that me her needs as a new mother. In 2010, SoYoung launched its line of Lunch boxes and cooler bags, which expanded to include backpacks the following year. As the line has grown, the company has maintained its singular focus on creating beautifully designed products in sustainable fabrics that present a refined alternative to cartoon characters and busy prints.


Soyoung Bags for toddler and kids


In 2014, SoYoung partnered with Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company on a limited edition lunch box which sold out in less than 8 days. The partnership was revived for 2015 with an expanded line and inventory.

Awareness of the brand has grown steadily, largely through the enthusiasm of sophisticated retailers and bloggers who quickly warmed to SoYoung’s unique aesthetic as well as numerous celebrities and their children. Fans who have been photographed with the products include Jessica Alba, Heidi Klum, Sarah Jessica Parker, Halle Berry, Tobey Maguire, Britney Spears, Minnie Driver, and celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe.


 Soyoung for children's bags

Brand Pillars 


Beautiful Design

SoYoung customers are attracted to the natural beauty of our products, which appeal to their refined design aesthetic.

Natural Materials

Customers feel good about purchasing our products because they offer an eco-friendly alternative to synthetics .

Functional Value

Customers love the practical aspects of our products, which include thoughtful design details that simply their busy lives

Customer Empathy

Interactions with SoYoung leave customers with a strong sense of our values, and inspire them to act as brand advocates.


Soyoung bags for kids and moms

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